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Solar PV 5 years ago use to cost around £15,000  for a 4Kw system, however the prices of panels and equipment has now fell drastically and we offer an average 4Kw system for under £5,500 Inc VAT. This includes all materials such as LG panels, Solar Edge inverters, Solar Edge Optimisers, specialist roof brackets with correct water proofing. We do not expect you to fill out all the paperwork that is mandatory to be filled out with all installations, we simply take care of this for you within the price and provide you with the paperwork once the installation is complete. We do not take the last payment (at least 40%) until the installation is complete, paperwork is filled out and sent off and most of all, you are happy with our installation. You can expect your investment to be paid back on an average of under 5 years, which leaves the following 15 years profit! If you already have a quote or have recently signed up, please still call us as we will beat any other quote out there still keeping our A rated equipment and installation service.

What makes EAV different?

At EAV we only offer the best inverters and optimisers such as Solar Edge, this gives you the ability to not only see how much you're currently generating but see how much an individual panel is making. This can help with maintenance to see which panels need a service or clean. Adding these optimisers to a quote may look more expensive and time consuming, but so far every one of our installations have been fitted with these and we have been under our nearest competitors price so far!

Is EAV qualified and guaranteed?

A lot of the solar PV companies out their at the moment may say they are MCS Certified. However we are not only MCS Certified we are also NIC EIC Electrical Contractors. Meaning we are a highly skilled electrical contractors and have not just decided to have ago at fitting solar panels to make a profit. We are also registered with the CPA which means every installation we do has a 10 year garuntee. Although we do not plan to move on, a lot of solar PV companies close shortly after they have made a profit, to avoid any maintenance or garuntee they should be liable for.

NIC EIC, MCS & RECC Registered

Part of the Consumer Protection Association

We only use the best 'Solar Edge' inverters and Optimisers

We will beat any genuine quote and still use our best equipment!

We are a registered electrical contractors as well as Solar PV Contractors

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