Consumer Unit Upgrades


Consumer Units are sometimes referred to as distribution boards or commonly know as fuse boxes. They are the heart of every electrical installation and could potentially save your home from a fire and save your life from an electric shock. However this depends on how up-to-date your consumer unit is. Even a consumer unit with modern MCB’s may not be safe enough and will not pass a test & inspection if there is no RCD protection on the circuits which need it. If you are unsure wether your consumer unit is up to date, get in touch to book a test & inspection, this will highlight any areas of your electrical installation which need your attention and possible is a risk to life.

What does a Consumer Unit do?

Unlike other electrical devices in your home, a Consumer Unit is smart in detecting dangerous electrical faults. There are two main safety devices in a modern up-to-date consumer unit, a MCB and a RCD, sometimes these are integrated together to form a RCBO. The purpose of a MCB is to disconnect the circuit when too much current or load is being drawn (to much power) or if a short circuit develops because of a fault. This is an essential part of a consumer to prevent cables from over heating and melting. It is also extremely important that the right size MCB is chosen for each circuit and there are multiple factors that come into choosing the correct size. The second most important safety device is the RCD, this protect people from an electric shock, wether an appliance has gone faulty or a cable, switch or socket is damaged. A lot of domestic properties still do not have an RCD or the correct RCD in place.

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