Multi Room Audio Systems

With technology expanding faster and faster into the home, integrated music systems are becoming part of the buildings infrastructure. At EAV we like to stay on top of the latest technology such as Systemline S7, which offers the highest quality Multi-Room audio on the market. Systemline have developed such a system that can be as flexable as youd like but still keeping the quality of the sound. We have been a certified installer with Systemline from the modular entry level range to their now prestigious Systemline S7 system. Multi-Room audio solutions are a lifestyle choice, from the moment you wake up in the morning, to the afternoon when the dining table is being set. Enjoy a whole range of features from the touch of your phone or a simple wall control panel, such as every international radio station, your personal digital music collection, CD’s and even the classic record player. Each room can have its own independant music or can be linked to create a party mode set up. Call us today for a free quotation which can include details schematic plans for installations like new builds and renovations.

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